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Tee Wax

Tee Wax

Nose and Ear Hair Removal Wax EASY • QUICK • EFFECTIVE

TEE WAX is based on a very high quality wax produced in the Center of France. The sticks are, for their part, designed in the South of France. Made from food-grade plastic (mandatory to touch the mucous membranes), they have been validated by French toxicologists and can be recycled. Thus, as part of their eco-responsible approach, the TEE WAX teams have set up an exclusive partnership with a recycling plant. Because the product is unique, the teams have also developed and designed several molds for the manufacture of the sticks. Finally, assembly and shipping will be done directly in the city where the idea was born, in Marseille. A true innovation in the world of aesthetics, TEE WAX offers a turnkey solution for nose and ear hair removal. No more fighting with dripping wax, no more burning. TEE WAX are single-use sticks that contain a sufficient quantity for hair removal that only removes visible hairs without touching those essential for regulation and protection. Intended for men, but also for women, TEE WAX aims to become a daily beauty essential.

TEE WAX, the daily essential

Because hair removal from the nose and ears is a recurring problem, TEE WAX offers a unique solution that is easy to use, fast and attractively priced. Each stick contains the sufficient dose to carry out, gently and in an optimal way, hair removal. Thus, only the visible hairs will be removed, thanks to the design of the stick. Therefore, there is no risk of removing the hairs from the nose which have a vocation of regulation and protection.
In terms of use : nothing could be simpler. Simply heat, using a hair dryer, the stick for about 15 seconds and then insert it until the cervix touches the outside of the nostril or tragus (for the ear) . Finally, after about 20 seconds of pause, all you have to do is pull the stick quickly.
In less than a minute, hair removal is done.
This small gesture fits perfectly into the beauty routine of men and women who like to pamper themselves.

TEE WAX, for hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons

Intended for individuals, but also for professionals, TEE WAX is offered by hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons. The latter will be able to use the TEE WAX method to perform hair removal services for their customers.
Until now, this operation was done using long and tedious methods. Thanks to TEE WAX , the professional saves time and reactivity. In less than a minute, it performs fast and comfortable hair removal. And a little extra, the customer can afford the box of 12 sticks to continue their interview between two appointments.

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