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Professional System

System Professional masters hair care to perfection for a cleansed scalp and soft, shiny lengths. Specialized in hairdressing products, this prestigious brand allows you to find silky hair thanks to professional care at home. The philosophy of System Professional ? Combine the know-how of the art of hairdressing with the latest scientific discoveries in hair aesthetics. The products resulting from this alliance are suitable for all hair types so that each woman and each man can find the ideal treatment according to their needs and expectations.

Professional System hair care

The different ranges revolve around 5 major pillars:
Derma to regain balance and purity.
Fibra to repair the hair fiber and restore shine to the hair.
Forma for intense hydration and maximum volume.
Extra for high performance treatment worthy of the best salons.
Nativ to find a cleansed scalp.
The hair care systems at your disposal are designed for you and promise you miraculous results to regain shine and lightness. With specialized styling products for women and for men, everyone will find the hair treatment perfectly designed for them. Your hair is unique, they need a care that is exclusively thought for them.
Man is the hair care line designed for men. Because men also want to have strong and healthy hair, and because the nature of male hair is unique, the System Man range offers products that revitalize the scalp and tone the hair fiber. The care products benefit from EnergyCode technology associated with the power of creatine for hair that is both toned and easy to maintain. For simplified styling, the products in the System Man range pass through the hair with your fingertips and act as daily protective care.

Nature and Professional System

Are you looking for natural products to restore energy to your hair without suffocating it under chemicals? The Inessence and Nativ ranges are made for you, with up to 96% of ingredients of natural origin for the Inessence range and 92% for the Nativ range, to restore the hair to its full strength as well as a dazzling shine by drawing from the heart of healthy and sustainable natural resources.
Styling products and shampoos for frequent use or weekly masks for in-depth applications, this prestige brand offers you essentials that will transform your relationship with your hair to rediscover the pleasure of taking care of you and your hair.

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