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Stella green

Stella green

For all those who like making hairstyles and personalizing their look, Stella Green creates and markets lines of hair accessories His collections are constantly renewed to stick to fashion trends Whether you need traditional or crafted forceps, crab claws or beaded or rhinestone hairpins to hold a bun for a ceremony, or simply barrettes to add a chic touch to your hairstyle you will find everything that is needed to beautify your hair in the Stella Green collections

Stella Green also offers ranges of:
- headband, head bands, headbands
- elastics, barrettes clicks clacs, pliers
- Clips made in France
- Wedding ceremony

Find on beautycoiffurecom cards of flat clips or elastics to hold or to tie your hair or those of your girl, the headband which will go perfectly with an outfit that you wish to accessorize or fashionable bars to pick up locks of hair Distributed in hair salons and shops reserved for professionals, you can order all these hair accessories A jewel clip or a darling with flowers will immediately give relief to a basic hairstyle The brand is continually renewing its ranges during the year Feel free to visit wwwbeautycoiffurecom regularly to find the clips or the Stella Green banner that has just been released

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