Secrets des Fées

Secrets des Fées

Secrets des Fées, the little story

Secrets des Fées released its first range in 2015, after 2 years of research and formulation in the laboratory This French and innovative brand was born from the meeting between 2 engineers, Sybile and Magalie After having created their laboratory, Innov'Effets, in 2013, embarked on the creation and marketing of powder care to reconstitute yourself
Today, Secrets des Fées has more than 20 products dedicated to the care of hair, face and body, and does not intend to stop there in innovation

Secrets des Fées, innovative treatments

In addition to its name, Secrets des Fées is an innovative brand that offers the first range of organic powder cosmetics to reconstitute yourself Although recent, Secrets des Fées already offers a full range: hair, face and body What makes this treatment so innovative and interesting? We tell you everything:

- treatments formulated and manufactured in France Secrets des Fées cosmetics are made in France , more precisely they are manufactured in 44, in Rezé

- all Secrets des Fées cosmetics are certified organic, without preservatives or additives Indeed, these treatments have been awarded different labels and mentions: Cosmébio label, French manufacturing, Slow Cosmétique mention and Bureau Veritas Certification certification Secret des Fées skincare products are made from 99 to 100% natural ingredients and 30 to 100% organic ingredients

- fun treatments All Secrets des Fées cosmetics are in powder form, so they must be reconstituted yourself You only need to add a little water or floral water, following the quantities indicated on the packaging In less than 30 seconds your treatment is ready to use In addition, the brand puts at your disposal the magic fairy cauldron, its whip and its measuring spoon to facilitate the preparation of treatments Fun cosmetics for adults and children

- eco-friendly cosmetics All Fairy Secrets treatments are sold in individual packaging, so one dose equals one treatment So you can take them everywhere with you without taking up space, but this will also allow you to vary the pleasures while limiting waste

- diversity of texture Secrets des Fées offers a short range but full of surprises in terms of its textures Indeed, among the Secrets des Fées cosmetics you will find different textures: scrubs and exfoliators for the body and face made from sugar and even coffee, pell-off masks to be removed as a second skin or body masks, hair and face to rinse off Diversified skincare and textures for the pleasure of the senses and the skin

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