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Atmospheric aromatherapy® by Saint Côme .

AromaSpray , from the Saint Côme laboratory is a 100% natural measure thanks to its vaporizers without gas and its essential oils.

The Saint Côme Laboratory wishes to improve your daily life naturally through its AromaSpray . Some studies have shown the dangers that we sometimes take by using certain accessories that diffuse scents through the house and that we breathe. Thanks to their formula based on 100% natural and pure essential oils, AromaSpray allows you to deodorize your interior in a natural and safe way. This solution is called: Atmospheric Aromatherapy® .

What is atmospheric aromatherapy?

Atmospheric diffusion is the diffusion of essential oils in the air, for reasons of well-being or for therapeutic purposes. The essential oils, in the ambient air, will be in contact with our nervous system through our breathing and will bring us the desired effect.

Aroma Spray is available in several different scents:

- Lemon Cedar ,
- Orange Palmarosa ,
- Lavender Rosemary ,
- Lemongrass Serpole ,
- Melaleuca Ravintsara ,
- Mint Eucalyptus ,
- Myrtle Sandalwood ,
- Pine Vetyver ,
- Lemongrass sage ,
- Cinnamon Thyme,
- Clove Camphor ,
- Mint Niaouli ,
- Chamomile Neroli pillow mist ,
- Ylang Bergamot .

Deovert AromaSpray :

- Tonic freshness ,
- Citrus freshness ,
- Freshness Maritime Pine .

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