Rolling hills

Rolling hills

A brand that comes straight from the United States.

Rolling Hills is a colorful brand from the United States, specifically California. The brand mainly offers quality beauty products for women and men. She has a wide selection of products, from hand creams to hair accessories. You can find streak-free elastics for the hair, detangling brushes, makeup sponges or body scrubs. The brand offers vegan and Cruelty Free products.

• Hairbrushes The brand offers several hairbrushes. There are detangling brushes, straightening brushes and ceramic brushes of very high quality for all types of hair.

• Elastics The brand offers revolutionary elastics for the hair, which leave no trace. Today it is essential in order to tie the hair without damaging it and without having a trace. Moreover, they are hygienic because they are made of polyurethane, which does not absorb dirt.

• The brand with little care for the hands, Rolling Hills, offers washing gels but also creams for the hands in order to hydrate them as needed. Gels kill 99.99% of bacteria.

• Make-up accessories. The brand also offers makeup sponges in all colors, very useful for applying complexion products.

• A brand also intended for men. Rolling Hills also offers products for men. You can find specific products there to maintain beards.

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