René Furterer, styling products inspired by botany.

René Furterer

René Furterer

Love her hair, understand it, cherish it

Each individual, whatever their age, origins or lifestyle, has a unique hair that it is not always easy to take care of. There is a long way to go before we find the rare pearl, the ideal hair routine to meet the needs of our hair and enhance it. Sometimes a source of pride, sometimes of nervousness after long moments spent taming them, hair grows with us.

René Furterer, the love of Botany

René Furterer, a child of Provence, grew up in the heart of the scents and inspiring colors of his region. Passionate about hairdressing, he began his career in a salon in Paris, at the time when every woman dreamed of Marilyn Monroe's curls. A great lover of nature and beauty, he embarked on the creation of natural hair treatments that could protect the hair of his ladies, sensitized by the many trips to and from the hairdressing salon. His revitalizing cream will make him a name in his field. He will then devote his life to the development of hair products that will derive their virtues from botany. "Prepare, wash, treat" is its motto. For René Furterer "Beautiful hair grows on a healthy scalp, just like a plant on fertile soil".

Convinced of the power of botany associated with dermo-cosmetics, René Futerer created treatments combining luxury, great performance and strong sensoriality. More than ordinary treatments, René Furterer ensures that each product is a true experience of the senses. For this, he takes care to select rare and precious essential oils, giving rise to powerful nectars and perfectly meeting the needs of different types of hair.

As a hairdressing artist, René Furterer gives pride of place to haute-coiffure. Proving to the whole world that its care with natural active ingredients are ideal for enhancing the hair, they provide hair shows in the biggest fashion shows, the very embodiment of beauty.

A commitment that endures

A philosophy and a love of nature which is always an integral part of the vision of the René Furterer teams. 90% produced in France, René Furterer skincare products are formulated in Gaillac, Occitanie, with respect for nature and the environment. Innovation, respect and preservation of the planet are at the heart of the group's concerns.

Eco-packaging, production of resources around the world, foundation for the most vulnerable ... The commitment of the brands of the Pierre Fabre group, including René Furterer, does not stop only with respect for the planet, but also respect for the human being. For 20 years, the Pierre Fabre Foundation has been working on 5 areas of development with the populations of the South: training of professionals in medicine, access to healthcare for all, fight against genetic diseases in sub-Saharan regions, work on dermatological issues, innovation in e-health.

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