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RefectoCil, the eyelash and eyebrow tinting expert for 70 years

Created in Austria, the RefectoCil brand is distributed in nearly 65 countries, market leader, and has been for more than 70 years. Range of professional eyebrow and eyelash tints, the brand is committed to offering quality products that are easy to use.

RefectoCil, at the service of your eyes

Discover a complete range of products intended to sublimate your eyes and your look. The brand's objective: to offer high quality professional products and a wide choice, to enhance your look while respecting your own style. The 9 base shades of eyelash and eyebrow tints are individually customizable to offer you 8 possible combinations so that you get the perfect shade. Perfectly colored eyebrows and eyelashes, without makeup, for 6 weeks. Designed for professionals, RefectoCil products are easily installed in a few minutes.

A complete range for eyelashes and eyebrows

Because the gaze passes largely through the eyelashes and eyebrows, RefectoCil offers you a complete range of products for eyelashes and eyebrows :

- Colors for eyelashes and eyebrows : RefectoCil offers 9 basic colors that can be mixed to create the perfect shade. The application of these colors for eyelashes and eyebrows is very simple and fast. Show off perfectly colored eyelashes and eyebrows for 6 weeks with RefectoCil tints.

- Senistive colorings, for sensitive skin : because RefectoCil thinks of all needs, the brand offers 3 colorings for eyelashes (dark brown, medium brown and black) and eyebrows entirely based on plants, as well as a gel developer. This coloring does not penetrate the hair and avoids irritation of sensitive skin.

- Eyelash and eyebrow care : the Austrian brand also offers a line of products for the maintenance of eyebrows and eyelashes. You will find growth serums, styling products or a protective gel for the skin.

- Eyelash enhancement with RefectoCil : do you want a perfect look at all times and without makeup? Then discover the different eyelash enhancement products from RefectoCil! From pads to lifting tools and technical products, RefectoCil offers you a complete range for perfect eyelash enhancement in just 13 minutes!

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