Inspiring and revolutionary, the Redken brand was founded in 1960 by American actress Paula Kent Meehan and her hairdresser Jheri Rhedding Their goal: to create a range of hair care where beauty would be based on science in order to highlight the hair
With Redken, the world of beauty is redesigned as a clothing line would be in fashion Coloring and hair care is a forerunner of trends, thanks to cutting-edge research and development teams working hand-in-hand with professional hairdressers As a result, innovation is expressed in salons where hairdressers are specifically trained in products

Complete ranges of Redken hair care dedicated to each type of hair:
All soft for normal hair: intense softness
Blonde Idol for blond hair: strength and shine
Cerafill against hair loss: strengthens and restores fine hair
Color Extend Magnetics for colored hair: sets the color and nourishes
Curvaceous for curly hair: sublime curls
Diamond Oil Glow Dry for Dry Hair: Intensely Nourishes
Extreme for fragile hair: reduced against breakage
Hair volume
Frizz Dismiss against frizz: smooth long-lasting
One United for all: 25 treatments in one
Scalp relief for the scalp: fight against dandruff
Beach Envy Volume to give volume
Color Extend Sun to protect the hair from the sun
Redken for men for men: tailor-made care

Redken styling products for a flawless style:
Hair Sprays to fix all hairstyles
Heat styling for styling and reeling at will
NBD to perfect and make blow dry last
Texture to create hairstyles of all textures

Redken, they are products for the beauty of the hair created for the professionals of the hairdressing and put at the disposal of all!

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