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Redken Hair Science

Inspiring and revolutionary, the Redken brand was founded in 1960 by American actress Paula Kent Meehan and her hairstylist Jheri Rhedding. Their objective: to create a range of hair care where beauty would be based on science in order to enhance the hair.
With Redken , the world of beauty is redesigned as a clothing line would be in fashion. Hair coloring and care are trendsetters thanks to scientific teams at the forefront of research and development who work hand in hand with professional hairdressers. Result: innovation is expressed in the salon where the hairdressers are specifically trained in the products.

Redken hair care dedicated to each hair type

All soft for normal hair: intense softness
Extreme for fragile hair: reduced against breakage
Extreme Length : for long hair
Extreme Bleach Recovery : for lightened hair (highlights, bleaching, highlights)
Color Extend Magnetics for colored hair: fixes color and nourishes
Color Extend Blonde for blonde hair: strength and shine
Color Extend Brownlights blue shampoo correcting bad highlights for brown hair.
Color Extend Graydiant for gray and silver hair
Acidic Bonding Concentrate : with citric acid to transform hair sensitized by chemical treatments
Blondage High Bright to give shine to blond hair
Specific to treat the scalp
Frizz Dismiss against frizz: long-lasting smoothness
Volume : to help flat and fine hair
Redken Brews : tailor-made treatments for gentlemen

Redken also offers 3 leave-in treatments with different benefits, highly appreciated by consumers:

One United for all: 25 treatments in 1
Oil for All : thermo-active brushing oil
Cerafill : densifying serum

Redken hairstyles for a flawless style

Discover all Redken professional styling products. Cream, gel, jelly, lotion, mousse, pomade, powder, paste or spray, everything you need to achieve the most creative looks is available at Redken. These prestigious hairstyles will come to fix, sculpt, texturize, protect, color or give volume to your hair. Depending on your desires, some of them will give you a matte finish while others will give you a beach look. Do you absolutely have to hold on all night without your hairstyle moving? Choose your styling according to its hold: extra strong, strong, medium or light.

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