Reborn is a range of natural French nutricosmetics and was imagined and designed by a doctor. For him, it is by dealing with the inside that we take care of the outside. Thus, Reborn's mission is to make each beauty routine a concentrate of taste and pleasure thanks to fruity and healthy food supplements. No more hard-to-swallow capsules, taking food supplements finally becomes simple, pleasant and delicious with Reborn and its fruity chewable gummies.


All the formulas are developed in a French laboratory in collaboration with an aesthetic doctor and pharmacists. Unlike capsules, which only start assimilation in the stomach during digestion, the active natural components of Reborn are released as soon as you start chewing them for rapid action without damaging the digestive system.


The components of the treatments are natural. They are made from the pectin of fruit and do not contain gelatin. The colors and flavors are natural. All the ingredients are produced in France. They are 100% vegan, gluten-free, gelatin-free and lactose-free. All formulas are developed by a doctor to guarantee the best daily intake for your body. Finally, pill containers and caps are recyclable to protect the planet!

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