Qainzo styling and face care & Eau de Cologne



Qainzo, a skincare brand totally dedicated to men

With its innovative products, Qainzo meets the needs of men with its specially formulated products. The brand meets all needs with a wide range that includes hair care, beard care, colognes and facial care!

Thus, Qainzo's men's care provides daily maintenance with styling gels, waxes, shaving and aftershave care, shaving gels, face creams, beard care and colognes.

Qainzo products

Qainzo offers a wide range of professional quality products for all men. All are designed to meet the needs of every man to maintain his hair, beard and face.

This is how the brand develops styling products that combine performance and sensoriality for all haircuts. A wide choice of products including styling waxes and gels ranging from flexible hold to extreme hold, with a shiny or matte effect, which will allow you to maintain each hairstyle throughout the day and corresponding to each style.

Qainzo offers a wide range of products to maintain and take care of the beard, with products such as the tracer gel which allows a precise shave, the after-shave cologne creams with a creamy texture leaving room for a moment of relaxation after shaving. , thanks to a wide choice of scents. Beard oil, on the other hand, is appreciated for its nourishing and softening properties and its ability to provide maximum shine . Thanks to Qainzo Beard products, find the expertise of the barber at home!

Finally, the brand is also an expert in face care with products specially designed for the skin of men. A wide choice of scrubs for the face and body to rid the skin of impurities for a guaranteed healthy glow, a mask based on clay and argan to deeply purify without drying out the skin and a formidable Peel-off mask on the black dots.

Why choose Qainzo?

Choosing Qainzo means being able to trust products that combine efficiency, pleasure of use and expertise, but it is also choosing an assertive style. Indeed, with its strong, virile black packaging and metallic accents, Qainzo skincare products will sit proudly in your bathroom.

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