Peggy Sage

Peggy Sage

Founded more than 90 years ago in France, Peggy Sage is the beauty brand favorite of many modern women Between permanent collections become classics and ephemeral capsules collections invented according to the seasons, the beauty products are in the image of its users: sparkling, creative, beautiful and always at the top of the trends

Sublimated nails
At Peggy Sage, the nails are pampered, pampered and embellished to perfection Classic nail polishes come in an infinite series of colors They offer long-lasting hold and ultra fast drying The Forever LAK range includes new-generation nail polish, halfway between a classic lacquer and a semi-permanent lacquer when the "real" semi-permanent varnishes multiply the long-lasting feats around more than 130 shades The 1-LAK nail polish range is the key to a 30 manicure with 3-in-1 semi-permanent varnishes The brand goes even further and offers a whole range of care and accessories for a French manicure performed in record time Bases and top coats are designed to protect the nail and sublimate the shine of the varnish Not to mention the whole range of styles that Peggy Sage initiates with a range out of the ordinary dedicated to Nail art Innovative nail polish, exclusive pigments, ready-to-use paints and kits, even the most beautiful mirror effects are achieved in a few brushstrokes

Democratized professional makeup
Peggy Sage knows like no other brand will decline her makeup products for all women Around small prices, pencils cross lipsticks with as much panache as mascaras and false eyelashes highlight the look Gloss and lipstick, foundation and concealer, powders and blushes, the face is illuminated The body is also sublimated with a wide range of body inks and glitter

Complete hands and feet treatments
To treat the hands as well as the feet, Peggy Sage breathes a wind of modernity in the proposed care Creams, scrubs, freshness gels and repair balms are complemented by easy-to-use accessories for home manicures and pedicures

Aesthetic perfect with face and body care
Here again, Peggy Sage offers a complete offer with targeted facials Women, men, and children take care of their skin daily with sensitive skin shower gels, moisturizing body milks, and gentle exfoliants Both oily and ripe skins find their solutions with revitalizing face masks and effective anti-aging creams

High-end hair removal with Waxshop professional wax
The Waxshop professional wax range adapts to every hair and skin type Warm wax cartridges, soluble flakes for hot wax, packets of ready-to-install cold wax strips, all hair removal techniques are available

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