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Over 100 years of history

The emancipation of women, the rise in self-confidence and well-being ... It is from there that Nadia Payot draws her inspiration, in 1920, to invent skin care products that can reveal the beauty of each. Truly passionate, she gets involved body and soul in her reflection on beauty and even invents facial gymnastics, at the origin of the famous Modeling with 42 Movements. Women are won over. Proud of the path accomplished, Nadia Payot wants to go further and decides to create specific treatments, meeting the needs of each type of skin. Among the iconic ones, the famous Pâte Grise anti-imperfections range is won over by customers who regain their self-confidence.

Take care of yourself and the planet

Today, more than 70 people create the care of today and tomorrow every day. A young and dynamic team that takes care to imagine carefully formulated products, to take care of yourself, but also of the planet. To select the best ingredients that will make Payot skincare renowned, a study is being carried out on the benefits of each active ingredient on the skin, in the short and long term, and on the planet. Each product is primarily made in France, with resources from our soils. The brand wants to be close to its community. She listens to the wishes of her clients and wants to prove to them that she is there for them by making co-creations.

A ritualistic know-how

Payot's desire to boost women's self-confidence does not translate into simple once-a-day treatments. It's a whole ritual that will make this moment of relaxation a real moment just for you. Each treatment is associated with a unique gesture. Payot attaches great importance to the Movement. Touching, massaging, palpating ... knowing which technique to use for each treatment allows you to rediscover the benefits of the spa, even at home. In addition to the implementation of a product ritual, Payot encourages everyone to give 1mn per day to the realization of a facial gym exercise.

Inspired by a star

Ballet dance means flexibility, tone, elegance ... and a neutral face, often drawn by fatigue and the stress of training. It was by meeting a ballet dancer during a ballet that the doctor Nadia Payot understood that the skin of the face also, like the body, needs movement to remain beautiful and toned. From there was born the Payot® Beauty Gym which starts from a simple principle: the face is made up of 50 muscled, not clinging to the bones but to the deep skin. Laughter, conversations, crying, some muscles are used more than others. The skin is more or less well held depending on the level of stress on the area. To counter expression wrinkles, Gym Beauté Payot® will soften and strengthen specific muscles of the face.

“Stimulate the face, prevent it from sleeping and becoming intoxicated, keep it alive; a real and rational physical culture is essential. »Nadia Payot.

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