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Parlux, the most famous professional hair dryer

Founded in 1977, the Parlux company designs and manufactures professional hair dryers at the top of technology. Concerned about improving the daily life of hairdressers, the Parlux company focuses all its efforts on designing dryers that are more reliable, lighter and easier to handle. Many times awarded, Parlux hair dryers are developing. Black, blue, pink, yellow, green, orange, the brand relies on color and it works!
Offering himself the partners best placed to develop exceptional products, the president of the Parlux brand, Paolo Parodi, works in close collaboration with the renowned and most modern hairdressers in Italy. The goal? Create an innovative brand at the head of the market with new, efficient and reliable products, meeting and anticipating the needs of hairdressing professionals. A single watchword: the requirement. Parlux invests a lot in product innovation, but also in the innovation of new design, assembly and product testing methods. The brand promises exceptional quality material and makes sure not to disappoint its followers.

To achieve a precise brushing, Parlux hair dryers do not adapt less to nature than to the length of the hair. Fans of small formats will gladly turn to the COMPACT 3200 and 3500 models which concentrate power and optimal air distribution. The LIGHT line will be the ally of those who favor lightness. Ergonomic and equipped with Ionic and Ceramic technology, these antistatic devices do not dry out the hair and give it shine. To be chosen in a metallic or colored version, Parlux hair dryers now combine care with drying. Thanks to its adaptable diffuser, Parlux gives volume to the hairstyle by enhancing curly hair. And to take advantage of an ever quieter drying phase, the Melody Silencer adapter will considerably reduce the noise of your hair dryer.

Parlux , design, values, irreproachable quality

DESIGN : Concerned about its image, the Parlux brand attaches no less importance to the quality of its products than to their design. It is all the more pleasant in a living room to have aesthetically worked material. Parlux opts for a clean design, with simple lines. Parlux hair dryers are ergonomic and easy to handle.

VALUES: Improving Parlux's performance also involves values instilled in employees: respect. Respect is the key word in the brand's speech. Respect for teams, respect for partners, respect for customers, respect for merchants and respect for nature. In fact, Parlux products proudly bear the Ecofriendly logo.

QUALITY & SUSTAINABILITY: The quality and durability of products is essential to allow hairdressing professionals to offer services worthy of the best hairdressing salons. To ensure the performance of their products, quality is checked every step of the way, from design to salon or home use.
Durability : Each Parlux engine guarantees at least 2000 hours of operation without encountering any problem.
Efficiency : The power of the motor ensures an air outlet which is counted in m3 per hour.
Comfort : Hair dryer motors are designed to be as quiet as possible and emit no vibration. They are light and repel the risk of tendonitis or other pain that can slow down or stop professional activity.
• Quality materials selected for their robustness.
Reliability : Parlux hair dryers meet the strictest Italian and international standards (ISO 9001, EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-23) certified by numerous establishments and subjected to rigorous tests.

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