Leader in the hairdressing sector, Parlux offers innovative and powerful equipment to professionals and individuals Towels for soft hair and resistant to styling appliances, the Italian brand also offers a wide range of accessories for barbers

To achieve a precise blow -dry, Parlux hair dryers adapt to nature as much as to the length of the hair Small format enthusiasts will look forward to the COMPACT 3200 and 3500 models which concentrate power and optimal air diffusion The LIGHT line will be the ally of those who favor lightness Ergonomic and equipped with ionic and ceramic technology, these antistatic devices do not dry out the hair while providing them with radiance Available in a metallic or colored version, Parlux hair dryers now combine care with drying

Thanks to its adaptable diffuser, Parlux gives volume to the hair by sublimating curly hair And to enjoy an even quieter drying phase, the Silencer melody adapter will significantly reduce the noise of your hair dryer Because finally it is recommended to well wring the hair before drying, the brand offers ultra absorbent microfiber hair towels

Towel warmer , shaving cream or double blade razor, Parlux puts all its expertise in shaving with its accessories for barbers

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