The OPI nail expert

OPI is an American brand specializing in nail polish. From the beginning of the 1980s, it seduced professional nail professionals by developing a new type of highly pigmented and ultra-resistant lacquer. Conquered, beauty salons quickly supplied themselves with semi-permanent OPI varnishes. The brand is developing rapidly and is extending its know-how to hand and foot care with its OPI Pro Spa and OPI AvoJuice ranges.

OPI semi-permanent varnishes, the brand's DNA

With its different nail polish collections, OPI creates deep ranges of products dedicated to the nail industry:
- OPI nail polishes last up to 7 days, maintaining their brilliant color like day one. Their color palette is very wide and they dry quickly after application.
- Infinite Shine OP I varnishes are semi-permanent varnishes whose color continues to shine for 11 days. They like all the variations of red and pink even if they are also available in colors like black.
- Gel Color OPI semi-permanent varnishes can be applied in 30 seconds and offer a very long lasting hold of up to 14 days. More than 150 shades exist.

Expert in nail care , OPI also offers a whole series of products to magnify nails and make semi-permanent varnishes last:
- The Bond-Aid OPI base is specially designed for nail polish. It balances the natural pH of the nail in order to promote optimal adhesion of semi-permanent varnishes.
- The OPI drying accelerator is popular with nail technicians and beauty salons.
- The nail hardener or OPI Pro Spa nail and cuticle oils come to the aid of fragile nails.

OPI hand care, the natural extension of an expert brand

With nail beauty as its core business, OPI's research and development teams have naturally taken a more general interest in hand care . Two product ranges complement each other:

- All hand treatments in the OPI Pro Spa range are designed to nourish and preserve the skin. We find among them a whole series of protective and moisturizing serums for the care of hands, nails and cuticles. The protective and moisturizing serum Pro Spa aims to delay skin aging. The Pro Spa massage cream is particularly formulated to penetrate completely into the epidermis, nourishing and intensely hydrating the skin under the impulse of massaging movements.

- The OPI AvoJuice range is used daily. Thanks to their high content of aloe vera, AvoJuice moisturizing body and hand lotions improve skin hydration for 24 hours.

OPI foot care, specific products related to massage

In order to complete the treatments specially dedicated to massage parlors, OPI offers its OPI Pro Spa range around foot care with:
- Balms for calluses and dry feet,
- Scrubs and exfoliators for the feet,
- Gels for calluses,
- Accessories like double-sided rasps.

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