Nulift® hair care



Nulift, the first complete service of original triple action hair lift

Formulated with 95% of ingredients of natural origin, Nulift® offers the possibility of preserving even more the health and the well-being of the hair fiber The association of different active ingredients gives Exoteine Technology® (world patent) all its qualities An original lift obtained without the use of a straightening iron for an ultra-natural finish Intense and restorative nutrition at the heart of the hair and protection of the hair fiber An unparalleled styling force that allows you to smooth, curl and offer a real tailor-made

Natural active ingredients that respect the hair fiber

• Broccoli oil: a vegetable oil with unique anti-frizz properties to smooth and nourish the hair Gloss effect guaranteed
• Shea butter: a secret of natural beauty Shea butter is rich in vitamins A, D, E and F Added to the formula of a treatment, it brings softness and hydration
• Keratin powder: an essential protein For a natural smooth effect and strengthened and protected hair
• Aleo vera juice: a medicinal plant par excellence It hydrates, softens, disciplines and softens the hair for a natural smooth effect

A 3-in-1 action

Action n ° 1: the original lift The association of certain amino acids and proteins, naturally present in the hair, facilitates the grip of the Exoteine Technology® on the fiber They act according to the need of the hair in order to lift it, and this only with the contribution of the heat of a dryer
Action n ° 2: nutrition, repair and intense protection of the hair Broccoli oil, with its unique properties and its ability to penetrate into the hair fiber, provides natural shine and deeply nourishes the hair
Action n ° 3: styling force activated by heat Exoteine Technology® shapes and enhances the hair to achieve all styling styles with extreme ease

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