Nioxin and hair health

It all started when Eva Graham who lost half of her hair after giving birth without finding a solution to fix it. She explored the subject of hair health with a new approach, starting with the scalp. Products Nioxin meet a real need which is hair loss. This hair loss can be explained by different factors: stress, pregnancy, aging or simply genetics.

Nioxin meets 5 needs

reduce hair loss,
make the hair denser,
amplify hair texture,
strengthen the resistance of the hair against damage,
eliminate excess sebum.

The range is made up of treatments and treatment kits as well as a scalp renew and intensive treatment .

Skin cosmetics applied to the scalp

Nioxin is a complete line of treatments for fine and thinning hair. This range consists of specialist products, all with advanced technologies inspired by cosmetics, skin care to meet the main needs of the hair and scalp. Our scalp being an extension of our facial skin, it requires as much attention as this one. The product line is designed to strengthen, nourish and repair your fine and thinning hair. A healthy scalp produces healthy hair, so the Nioxin range is the perfect foundation for visibly thicker, fuller hair.

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