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My Cosmétik

My Cosmétik

My Cosmétik is a brand dedicated to ecological cosmetics, aromatherapy and homemade products For the sake of transparency, simplicity and efficiency, it offers a range of beauty and natural care recipes that focus solely on the real needs of the skin or hair It is because this cosmetic uses neither synthetic ingredients nor petrochemical derivatives, nor inactive components, nor toxic substances, that it can concentrate on the essential: products rich in active principles, without any inert ingredient My Cosmétik thus replaces mineral oils, hydrophobic and occlusive fatty substances, with vegetable oils or essential oils that are active and rich in essential fatty acids, omega, antioxidants and vitamins As for the water, which enters for a large part in the beauty care, it is here replaced by hydrolats and floral waters rich of many cosmetic virtues From a simple organic vegetable oil, you can dilute an essential oil or create yourself the beauty product you need the most The brand does not encourage consumption, but it teaches you to know your skin or hair, their nature, their cycles and their needs It does not boast miracle recipes promising eternal youth or effortless thinness, but highlights the quality and truth of the product By creating your own care and choosing its texture, color and aroma, you know "from within" your own products: they contain only what you put there!

My Cosmétik advocates a return to basics and privileges the home-made by allowing you to create at home, in a simple and fun way, all the products you need, thanks to explanatory sheets, basic ingredients and accessories retail Among the range of organic products dedicated to hair, you will find:

- Organic vegetable oils A vegetable oil is used both to dilute the essential oils but also to make the skin or the hair benefit from its own virtues, moisturizing, antioxidant, regulating or restorative
- Organic essential oils
- Vegetable butters
- micas and pigments

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