Moroccanoil, argan oil for the body and hair

A personal story
After a failed coloration, Carmen Tal goes on a trip to the Orient and discovers the power of Moroccanoil treatment Her hair is transformed, restored and revitalized Conquered by the quality of this extraordinary care, Carmen Tal decides to co-create Moroccanoil and to offer women around the world exceptional care, the secret of which is argan oil

A unique treatment
This incredible care of Morocco becomes the emblem of the brand This hair treatment brings all the softness, discipline, flexibility and shine that you and your hair need

A growing range
This Morocco treatment proves its effectiveness and what was only a product becomes a whole range of care with nourishing argan oil, famous for its antioxidant properties Become a prestigious brand of beauty, Moroccanoil today presents a whole range of hair care and body care For more than 10 years, the brand's objective has been the same: to create a real relationship of trust with its followers by offering them unique hair transformations

A spellbinding scent
Moroccanoil is also a smell, a perfume Unique, the scents of Moroccanoil products transport us and make us travel to exotic countries With its aromas of spicy amber and flowers, you will have the pleasant feeling of relaxing in a luxurious spa by the Mediterranean Sea

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