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Mollon Pro

Mollon Pro


Mollon Pro
is the French specialist in nail and nail art Created in 2011, the brand exports these treatments and its collections of classic and semi-permanent varnishes in more than 44 countries Mollon professional claims the label "French quality" All products and materials for nails is for manicures and all those who want to be impeccable to the tips of the nails Mollon pro are tutos to use care and varnish, customer service, equipment and care for nails and product ranges including:

Classic varnishes Mollon pro
Mollon professional varnishes are formulated with vegetable resins to avoid damaging the nail With 230 shades, hard not to find the desired shade Classic varnishes last 7 days and are without toluene BDP and formaldehyde
Semi-permanent varnish Mollon pro
Professional semi-permanent lacquers are designed to withstand 2 to 4 weeks Their composition respects the nail and does not contain toluene, BDP and formaldehyde It is easy to install without leaving streaks after laying
UV Gel Mollon Pro
The range of Professional UV Mollon gel equals the surface of the nails It contains anti-yellowing agents The UV gel is placed directly on the nail, on tips or stems To improve its adhesion, it is recommended to apply a UV Coat UV gel and a UV Top Coat product to enhance the shine Professional UV Mollon gel is installed under a 36W UV lamp
Care Mollon pro
Professional Mollon care stands out for its quality Nail salon professionals will appreciate the quality of Mollon Pro Cuticle remover, Cuticle Oil and Crack Skin Eliminator care to rid the fingernails and feet of cuticles and dead skin

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