MineTan is the assurance of a perfect tan in all seasons, and for all occasions Both aesthetic and very practical, the brand's self-tanner is a concentrate of new technologies with a unique formulation Its concept? The American company has bet everything on a natural effect and easy to obtain thanks to an optimal application Each bottle comes in the form of a foaming spray to be sprayed on clean skin free of impurities thanks to a scrub The melting texture is easily distributed over the body using a Bronze On sponge glove designed specifically for these products The 1 Hour Tan (1HT) formula contained in each self - tanner of the brand activates on contact with the epidermis and is distributed perfectly for a result worthy of a professional salon After an hour, a simple shower allows the skin to change color for a guaranteed very natural sun effect Ideal for the body as for the face, the unique MineTan formulation promises a uniform long-lasting result Because each woman has different desires, tanning sprays have been designed for a more or less marked tan The 1HT formula allows you to keep the product for up to 3 hours on your body for variable results depending on your expectations

The self-tanner can be transformed at will for a personalized look Depending on the type of tan desired, the choice of the type of spray becomes essential The Violet range will thus make it possible to obtain a tanned complexion corresponding to that which one would obtain after 3 weeks of beach at the edge of the Mediterranean The Dark Ash spray is inspired by the colors that can be seen on Brazilian beaches Finally, the Blueblack range has been designed using a unique formulation that reflects light for a warm, golden color

For athletes, the Workout Ready collection contains caffeine, which helps achieve weight loss goals The unique formulation of this special sports and fitness self-tanning spray allows you to lose weight and firm your skin while obtaining a sun- kissed complexion like after a surf session, but without the marks of the swimsuit! The product is applied more evenly thanks to the Bronze On aesthetic glove

Foaming and tanning oils are unique products in the world composed of ingredients of natural origin Nourishing and moisturizing, jojoba, castor, avocado or even hemp seed oils present in the formulation of tanning oils take care of dry areas while providing a nice tan These oils are also available as a non-sticky aesthetic mist

Coconut water treatments are also one of MineTan's flagship products Deeply hydrating, these sprays offer a tanned complexion while ridding the epidermis of impurities thanks to their antioxidant properties Like the other products of the brand, the foaming sprays with coconut water are applied evenly in a few gestures on clean skin , for a period of 1 to 3 hours

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