Mesauda Milano

Mesauda Milano

Mesauda Milano is a young and dynamic Italian company She develops several lines of makeup, facials, accessories and varnish for nails Always looking for innovation to improve the quality of its ranges, it combines customer benefits and attractive prices to allow access to excellent products A daily challenge that continually improves its ranges while taking into account the trends of the season and the specificities of different skin tones The professionals of Mesauda Milano are totally dedicated and passionate about their work, always looking for innovations to optimize the formulas of the different lines

To achieve this goal, they oversee the entire production process and collaborate exclusively with specialized Italian laboratories Extreme vigilance aimed at guaranteeing customers high quality products made from eco-friendly formulas packaged in an aesthetic and practical packaging The brand strives to remove as much as possible, any trace of paraben, petroleum jelly or mineral oil in its products No tests are performed on animals Being able to wear makeup without harming your health or our planet is the flagship priority of the Italian brand that is true in each of its ranges

Facial care

For facial care, Mesauda Milano offers 4 distinct lines:
- The moisturizing range includes creams, serums and eye contours to moisturize all skin types
- The purifying line is a complete range of care for young and mixed skin types It develops around creams, masks, care and specific cleansing lotions
- The anti-aging range is for mature skin and prevents aging and sagging skin Based on hyaluronic acid, it repairs, gums and treats skins
- The cleaning range cleans the skin every day Mesauda Milano offers products that do not damage the skin and respect its natural characteristics Several textures are available Milk, two-phase makeup remover or micellar water, all are adapted to different skins


For makeup, the brand has developed ranges for complexion, eyes and lips as well as accessories to obtain a professional result
- Products for complexion: All products to beautify and bring radiance to the face are developed Fixators, concealer, concealer, foundation, powder, brightener, blush and bronzer are available All of its products and textures are formulated to suit all skin tones and are dermatologically tested
- Makeup for the eyes: The makeup of the eyes gives intensity to the eyes Harmonious, it reveals the personality To enhance the look, we can use eyeshadow, mascaras, eye liners and eyebrow pencils by choosing the hues among the proposed shades
- Lipsticks: Satin lipstick, matte or shiny, gloss and lip pencils make a mouth impeccable with pleasant textures and treatment The palette is important to give everyone the opportunity to create his style Nude lips, clear or vibrant shades, the make-up of the lips gives relief and is enough to bring a touch of sophistication


Mesauda Milano has developed a wide range of bases, treatment products, accessories, color or semi-permanent varnishes, and UV gels Each one can compose her nail makeup and make beautiful hands Care and basics are developed to strengthen and treat the texture of the nail They associate with the 30 shades of varnish to satisfy everyone's tastes and desires Very resistant, they have a perfect rendering

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