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Man's Beard

Man's Beard

Man's Beard: the specialist in men's beauty

Born in 2015 in the south of France, near Toulouse, the Man's Beard brand created by Mr. Dos Reis offers cosmetics for men and specializes in beards. The beard being a real asset of charisma and personality, Man's Beard wanted to offer products to enhance it even more. Beard products yes, but not only. The brand also offers face and body care, hair products, accessories, tattoo products and goodies. The advantages of the brand: the products are of natural origin, 100% French and are suitable for all skin types.

Beard products for everyone

For more than 10 years, beards have really taken hold in men's fashion. However it is important to maintain it, even if you want to give a wild side to your beard, you have to trim it regularly and take care of it. Man's Beard products are there for that. In the beard range we find:

♣ Oils
Beard shampoos
Shaving gel
♣ Growth accelerator
Shaving soap

Hair care suitable for everyone

Man's Beard offers hair products suitable for everyone, to take care of your beard and also your hair. Its solid shampoo is made from 100% ingredients of natural origin for better respect for the scalp and the hair fiber. The hair range consists of:

Solid shampoo
♣ Strengthening shampoo
Anti-dandruff shampoo
Gray hair shampoo

Face and body treatments for you men

To complete your routine and take full care of yourself, Man's Beard offers face and body care products, made with ingredients of natural origin. The advantage of the face and body range: it has special tattoo products to maintain them and guarantee their good aging over time.

Facial exfoliating soap
Face and body soap
Soothing after shave balm
Alum stone
Eye contour serum
Face enhancing serum
Moisturizing cream
The Bearded Perfume

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