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Luxeol, much more than a name, a philosophy.

Luxéol was born in 2016, in the heat of the south of France. Their will ? To provide everyone with hair that shines with beauty and is full of vitality. The name Luxéol comes from the Latin term "lux" which means light, and "éole" which means wind. Two essential natural elements. The Luxéol brand is the result of many years of research and development in the laboratory to be able to respond effectively to all hair problems. Expertise and know-how are the two pillars of the brand, which makes Luxéol the essential reference in the haircare market.

A brand dedicated to you and your hair

The main desire of Luxéol is to be able to respond to all hair problems. To do this, it develops adapted formulas using its know-how and the valuable feedback from its customers, in order to offer solutions adapted to all hair types. The beauty of the hair, but also beauty as a whole, are elements that contribute to well-being, this is how Luxéol accompanies you and helps you during all the stages of your life, thanks to various products which are adapted to all needs.

Luxeol, a trusted brand

All the formulas of Luxéol food supplements and care products are the result of cutting-edge scientific research. The brand's researchers strive to bring together the most active and appropriate ingredients in the products, to respond to each problem as effectively as possible. Luxéol now has a very wide range of food and care supplements to bring you the best results, for radiant healthy hair. The quality and safety of assets and products are the main priorities of the brand. This is characterized by a very rigorous selection of the ingredients and raw materials that will be used in the formulas, with the aim of bringing you the best effects. To guarantee the safety and quality of the products, Luxéol carries out numerous very strict controls, so that all the products meet every need. In addition, Luxéol attaches great importance to the traceability of each of their products.

Acting today to sublimate tomorrow, such is the philosophy of Luxéol in order to make you shine today and tomorrow.

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