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Lova Skin

Home pedicure by Lova Skin

Lova Skin offers express care for the health of the feet. A true pedicure applicable at home, these revolutionary foot treatments act in less than two minutes and allow you to get rid of calluses and other problems linked to the passage of time in order to find softness and well-being of the feet. Made in Switzerland, Lova Skin is inspired by the power of nature to offer people suffering from calluses fast and effective aesthetic foot care. The concept of this express pedicure: a lotion to be applied to the feet with a light massage, followed by an exfoliation to be performed with a special two-sided grater. This complete aesthetic treatment is carried out in just two minutes and allows you to find soft skin in record time.

The story of Lova Skin

It was Lovisa, a young active Swedish woman who came to settle in Switzerland, who created the innovative concept of Lova Skin. Mother of two children, this nature lover wanted to provide her peers with a quick formula that allows everyone to take care of themselves without putting aside their active life. The aesthetic philosophy of the young woman: to take time without making the task seem insurmountable. It is not a question either of imagining a body without any defect, but simply of finding a natural beauty where aesthetics rhyme with health and well-being.

Thanks to extensive clinical studies, Lova Skin now offers foot care based on the best of science and nature. The ritual beauty lotion for the feet is formulated with water from Swiss glaciers, the purity of which is no longer to be proven. Its express action brings health and well-being to the epidermis by softening roughness thanks to maximum hydration. In just 1 minute, its naturally exfoliating action is felt. Calluses disappear, cracks and horns give way to smooth and healthy skin. Protected, the feet benefit from a homemade pedicure which treats and prevents the appearance of roughness. The legs are fresh, light and relaxed to the tips of the toes.

Lova Skin products 

Lova Skin offers a complete kit including a bottle of miraculous lotion, a grater designed specifically for this unique treatment, as well as an organic cotton storage bag. Each item can also be purchased separately as needed. One bottle contains 100 ml of lotion, which corresponds to 50 homemade pedicures (25 applications for each foot). The professional grater, on the other hand, is very easy to use thanks to its ergonomic handle that adapts to all hands. The tool offers two sides: the first to rid the feet of the hard horn that settles over time, especially on the heels, the second, softer, which allows the treatment to be completed by smoothing the skin. Its stainless steel construction ensures high resistance over time. This complete treatment makes it possible to find a natural beauty of the feet and to feel more comfortable on a daily basis.

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