The French Brazilian smoothing LISSA'Ô was known as NATURA KERATIN until 2015

The Natura Keratin brand was born in 2008 and is the first French brand to offer Brazilian smoothing and keratin smoothing products In 2015, the Nature Keratin brand changed its name to LISSA'Ô, French organic smoothing

First intended for professionals, the range of smoothing products is rapidly enriched to become Lissa 'Ô Paris in 2015

The concept of Brazilian smoothing with Lissa 'Ô keratin:

The main protein in the hair is Keratin, which makes up over 90% of its structure The Brazilian straightening of Lissa 'Ô enriches your hair from the outside by forcing the integration of keratin by the heat of a heated iron or a hair dryer Liquid keratin thus penetrates between the scales of the hair , which are removed by the shampoo, before being closed by the heat of the plates or the hair dryer


The ingredients of the LISSA'O smoothing kit:

The clarifying shampoo is composed of extracts of green tea and green apple Smoothing milk is composed of different organic compounds The pH regulator contains coconut milk and Wasabi

Note that LISSA'O products do not contain formaldehyde (or formalin) or thioglycolic acid

Who is LISSA'O intended for ?

Women are of course the most affected by LISSA'O treatments, they can be used by all types of population, and hair, frizzy, colored, discolored, blond, brown, chestnut, white or red The range has also been enriched in order to offer ever more effective solutions depending on the nature of the hair of these ladies (Optima'liss, Deep Keratin, Color liss and Sebum less)

How to apply the Brazilian smoothing of LISSA'O:

Brazilian smoothing requires a simple method, but which must be strictly observed to be effective, using a quality product is essential, but not sufficient to meet the expectations of a lasting smoothing

1 The shampoo:
It must be carried out with a clarifying shampoo without sodium, take the classic lissa'Ô kit, because it is good value for money In addition it is universal and the shampoo is part of it, you can also use Or and Argan brand products offering shampoos without SLS
Then dry the hair, but not completely the hair must be damp for the rest

2 The " LISSA'O ":
Also called keratin milk, it is the smoothing product itself You have to apply it or brush (in silicone it is more practical) strand by strand, the hair must be well brushed, but without exaggeration by kneading the strands, distribute the product with a comb, then leave to stand for 20 minutes
Then analyze the hair, if it contains roughness or irregularities, we start the operation again, depending on the type of hair this may require up to 5 or 6 repetitions The most important thing is to always keep hair damp throughout this phase, because keratin only penetrates with the help of water, then to your ladies misters!

3 Switch to iron:
Dry the hair without brushing, then pass the locks with a straightening iron between 90 and 230 ° C, well start with the root while insisting then descend to the ends 5-6 repetitions per lock should be sufficient

4 Finalization:
Rinse the hair, then apply the pH regulation solution, leave on for 2 minutes, rinse again, dry and that's it, you are smooth !!

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