Les Bougies du Sud - Perfume and massage candle

Les Bougies du Sud

Les Bougies du Sud

Awaken your senses with Bougies du Sud

Created in 2009, BOUGIES DU SUD is in the image of its creator Philippe, specialist in aesthetics, perfume and massage candles. Already in the world of cosmetics and perfume for many years, he discovered during a trip to the United States, the massage candle and introduced this new concept in France. He is developing a massage candle adapted to the French and European market, with 100% natural oils composed of soy and beeswax mixed with coconut oil, scented with quality aromatic raw materials, rigorously selected by our perfumers in Grasse. The manufacture of our candles is meticulously done by hand and packaged in our workshops in the South of France to be sent all over the world. The BOUGIES DU SUD range is available in 29 scents:

Marine Freshness – White Tea – Ylang Patchouli – Cinnamon-Honey – Vanilla Blossom – Cherry Blossom - Orange Blossom – Red Fruits – Pineapple-Mango – Lotus Flower – Corsican Chestnut – Melon-Cucumber – Musk-Tonka – Frangipani – Liquorice-Basil – Mocha-Chocolate – Coconut - Passion fruit – Camellia – Shards of fruit – Vanilla-Hazelnut – Barbapapa – Hibiscus flower – Passion Fruit – Bergamot Melon – Passion Pear – Speculoos – Polynesian Tiara – Vanilla Caramel.

Benefits and use of massage candles

The massage candle, in addition to providing a fragrance and creating an atmosphere, becomes a warm and refined massage oil as it melts. A candle massage session allows the mind to escape and your body to relax, an original and unique concept: a pure moment of relaxation.

Light your candle 15 minutes before the massage. Extinguish the flame and wait a few moments (10 seconds). Test the temperature of the product by pouring a few drops of liquid oil into the palm of your hand (the oil should be lukewarm). Apply on the body and start the massage. The lukewarm and creamy oil deeply nourishes your skin to give it a toned appearance. The skin is soft and satiny. It allows the realization of a subtle massage of the body providing a guaranteed well-being! The oil, based on soy and coconut oils and beeswax, has excellent emollient properties and provides softness and a delicate fragrance.

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