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K pour Karité

K pour Karité

K pour Karité: 100% organic hair care made in France

K pour Karité hair products appeared in hairdressing salons in 2007. With this new range of organic products for professionals, the brand wanted to meet an increasingly obvious demand from consumers looking for hair products that respect the environment. environment and man. It was in West Africa, in Burkina Faso, that she found the inspiration to develop this innovative range. Since its launch, K pour Karité has improved and enriched the formulations of its products. It increased the percentage of active ingredients selected, made their texture smoother and modified the packaging to make it more ergonomic. To meet these specific needs, the components selected by these experts make it possible to develop formulas rich in plants and essential oils selected for their benefits. The formulations meet demanding specifications which have been crowned by Cosmebio and Ecocert certifications. Obtaining these labels required the brand to reorganize its production, storage conditions and traceability. Very rewarding distinctions, but involving a permanent updating to keep them over the years.

All K pour Karité products are guaranteed 100% French manufacturing and are distinguished by four ranges intended for women and men:

K styling treatments for Karité

Styling products
Styling creams, sprays, waxes, gels and hairsprays are organic hair care products, the fruit of 25 years of expertise. They are suitable for all hair types to achieve the desired hairstyles. Short, long, smooth or supple hair find answers to their characteristics without attacking the hair fiber.
Organic hair styling treatments are developed by a team of biologists and engineers aware of the various hair issues:

- dry hair
- hair that is limp and difficult to comb
- dandruff hair
- sensitive scalp
- allergy to aggressive products of traditional coloring.

K hair care and coloring for Karité

Hair care
Shampoos, hair loss lotion, masks, beard and hair oils are enriched with active ingredients to become real treatments for the scalp and hair.

Hair color mascaras
Formulated without parabens or silicones, they camouflage the regrowth of gray hair between two colorings. Available in five shades, they allow the roots to be completely masked and can be removed with shampoo.
K for Karité hair colors are 100% natural. Based on plants, dyes and shea, this natural coloring is guaranteed without ammonia, hydrogen peroxide (peroxide), resorcinol, parabens and henna. It perfectly covers the brown hair without attacking them. Real organic hair care products, they are perfect for people with up to 50% white hair. Their exposure time is approximately 30 minutes. They are eliminated after about fifteen shampoos.

All K pour Karité products are made in the Loire in the Forez massif. It is in this part of Auvergne that they are designed and packaged in order to give complete satisfaction to informed customers.

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