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Sarah Jones, an American hairdresser recognized for her talent and her experience, embarks on professional training where she is once again very successful Ambitious, she managed to climb to the forefront of various large companies in the hairdressing industry who believe in her Joico was born from a desire to combine professional products and education Today, Joico is a global brand that has captured the hearts of many professionals across more than 65 countries She is constantly innovating in order to offer an offer that can meet the needs of each type of hair Healthy and lively hair for the happiness of all

A story of technology

Joico begins his fabulous story in 1975 when the use of Keratine protein to repair damaged hair appears After all, hair is made of keratin, so what better way to care for it? In 1984, Joico scientists created the Triamine Complex®, an innovative and effective method of treating keratin proteins Almost 10 years later, Joico is making great progress! She carefully integrates amino acids and mollecules into her hair care In 2006, Joico created an exclusive technological blend of lipids, amino acids and biomimetic ceramides to soften, smooth and discipline the structure of the hair, a revolution that it first incorporated into its care line for colored hair 3 years later, they revolutionized the hair market with Bio-Advanced Peptide® technology, a repairing breakthrough for hair Every day, the brand works to perfect its products

"Joi", a state of mind

Vitality, softness and radiance constitute Joico's state of mind An incredible energy that the brand calls "Joi" This guideline, this state of mind, is present at the heart of everything the brand does and is even found in the names of the products For more than 40 years, Joi's enthusiasm and commitment has accompanied hairdressing and beauty professionals through an entire global community of hair salons Grateful and attentive to her clients, Joico keeps the promise to be involved with hairdressers for many years to come

The Joico experience to your bathroom

In order to continue the salon experience at home, the brand has developed professional quality care in resale format These technologically targeted treatments allow you to take care of your hair through different ranges:

Defy damage, for damaged hair
Blonde Life, for blond and very lightened hair
Joifull for hair lacking volume
Hydra Splash, for fine hair lacking hydration
Moisture Recovery for thick hair lacking moisture
K-Pak and K-Pak Color Therapy, to rebuild hair
Color Endure, to maintain colored hair
Color Infused red, for hair with red tones
Daily Care, to clean and protect all hair types

In addition to its large ranges of care products, Joico has developed a whole range of hair color, texturizers and other professional styling products to allow its followers to let their creativity speak for themselves through bold and authentic hairstyles

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