Iroha Nature - Face, Foot & Hand Treatments



Iroha nature treatments

Iroha nature beauty products are aimed at active women and modern men. Far from limiting itself to the basics, the brand innovates by creating hydrating fabric masks. As effective as they are practical to use, they deeply nourish the skin, repair it and add radiance to the complexion. Hand care is also a mine of clever and effective hydration solutions. Foot care quickly repairs and protects the skin of sensitive or damaged feet.

Targeted facial treatments for women and men in a hurry

Iroha nature offers two ranges of facial treatments. The first is for women with particularly moisturizing fabric face masks. The second is designed to address men's skin problems with equally targeted facial treatments. Anti-wrinkle effect, detox treatment or complexion illuminator, for each skin problem its solution in fabric or patch. The particularity of the brand lies in its ability to constantly innovate. All Iroha nature facials are the reflection of extensive scientific research. Ditto for scrubs and cleansers that tighten pores, firm the skin and purify the complexion.

Hand care and foot care

In addition to facial treatments, Iroha nature offers fabric masks for the rest of the body with a wide range of foot and hand treatments. Hand care includes repairing, nourishing and anti-aging gloves that treat both hands and nails. Foot care is offered in the form of socks that generate a complete restorative action.

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