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Inspira: Med

Care Made in Germany

The brand is based in Aachen, Germany and founded in 2000, inspira: cosmetics designs innovative and professional skin care of high quality and sold worldwide! The development of exceptional and effective products is the top priority for inspira: cosmetics. The treatments are designed to visibly improve the appearance of the skin and allow the user to feel good about themselves, regardless of their age. inspira: cosmetics also offers beauty institutes, spas, medical spas and dermatological practices professional care product concepts relevant to skin care as well as tailor-made treatments for professional use! The inspira: med range is developed with the latest scientific discoveries, manufactured with the highest quality thanks to the latest discoveries and trends in cosmetics. Natural and biotechnological ingredients and active substances are favored in the choice of raw materials. The motto of the German brand inspira: cosmetics is: maximum effect, and as natural as possible.

inspira: med

The skin is our largest organ, it is exposed every day to many external and internal influences that attack it. The stress caused by permanent attacks leaves visible traces such as the premature formation of wrinkles, pigmentation spots, gray complexion or even redness. With inpira: med, you can now get a facelift, it's a gentle alternative to plastic surgery! A comprehensive method has been developed to help the skin quickly regain a youthful and smooth appearance and maintain an even and regular complexion. inpira: med offers solutions to all skin problems and offers a wide range with ampoules, serums, masks. There are also special pre-treatment and professional post-treatment products in medical procedures such as dermabrasion, laser therapy, IPL treatments, cosmetic and plastic surgery and much more.

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