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Inoar, committed cosmetics

The Inoar teams have been working daily, for more than 10 years, to be a globally recognized and respected cosmetics brand, preferred by consumers and beauty professionals. Each action undertaken by the brand is guided by 3 main pillars: respect for people, animals and the environment. It now offers innovative, affordable and superior quality products.

A family story

Innocence Manoel worked as a hairdresser for years before setting up her own beauty salon. Very quickly, she devoted a lot of time to researching new products and she formulated treatments that proved to be very effective. Meanwhile, her half-brother, Alexandre Nascimento, has been representing international cosmetics brands since he was a teenager. Together, they understood the market like no other. Innocence Manoel again formulated the products she used in her salon herself. The results have been successful with professionals.

His beauty salon in São Paulo becomes a point of reference for hairdressers looking for courses and information on this technique. The success was so great and there were so many orders that handcrafting was no longer enough. Today, Inoar exports to over 40 countries and has offices in over 30 cities around the world.

Inoar rewrites the history of smoothing

Inoar owes its success to the use of Glyoxylic Acid. Now recognized worldwide, the use of this active ingredient as a smoothing product by Inoar was, in 2005, a revolution. The brand has developed protocols for different techniques: smoothing, waving, volume reduction, softening of curls, permanent... Thanks to this, Inoar has traveled the continents: Europe, Americas, Middle East, South Africa and Asia.

Beleza Solidária Project , B eauty inspires beauty

Inoar believes that beauty, in its essence, is one of the most contagious forces in the world. And that through it it is possible to transform lives and give people the right to be protagonists of their own story. Inoar set up the Beleza Solidária project to empower women in Brazil and abroad. The goal is to enable them to regain their identity and independence. With courses offered to the low-income population, the initiative aims to provide women with a path to self-sufficiency in family support.

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