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Unique, innovative and inspiring, Indola meets exactly your needs and those of hairdressing professionals to take care of your hair on a daily basis. At Indola , each formula is the result of long laboratory research to discover the new ingredient that will make your hair even more beautiful. The #Simplysmarter brand motto shows the brand's commitment to making its products easier to use.

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Because you take care of yourself and your environment, Indola has developed a committed range of long-lasting and high-performance care and styling products for the best of your hair. Indola considers that you have something in common with the planet: you are unique!

Indola, creation and product ranges

The brand constantly seeks to unearth the latest urban and fashionable trends. Working closely with fashion and hairstyling teams that travel around the world, Indola is on the lookout for the latest hair color trends and techniques around the world. These looks are reinterpreted by the creative team made up of hairdressers and stylists to offer styles that are easy to reproduce in the salon.
The Indola offering is smart and allows for a compact, yet comprehensive product assortment powered by cutting-edge technology, professional quality and great value for money.

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Indola: Ed(you)cation

With Indola Ed(you)cation , professional hairdressers are at the center of the brand's attention. All creative content is created by expert hairdressers for hairdressers (and the curious) just for you, educational training down to the smallest detail to meet all your needs. You can trust Ed(you)cation #SimplySmater to receive professional and rewarding training. You will receive dedicated training to develop your knowledge and expertise for an ever more successful career!

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