Hairgum: a French brand

The French laboratory Ariland and its Hairgum brand are experts in hair and beard. Praised by barbers and hairdressing salons for men, Cire Hairgum products enjoy a strong notoriety and include treatments that have become stars. The brand thinks of everything, from Cire Hairgum styling products to Pop Color hair color, including barber accessories and their cleaning products.

The strong Hairgum ranges signed Ariland

Cire Hairgum : Regarding styling products Cire Hairgum , we find in particular the cult styling wax "pomade" presented as a box of shoe polish. At the same time, the airplane brand is bringing the gomina up to date with its hair waxes. Its fixing gels and styling waxes in tune with the times allow all types of hairstyle, styled or disheveled effect.

Pop Color Coloration : For 100% male coloring, Pop Color Coloration can be applied to both hair and beard. The Coloration Pop Color range includes coloring products without ammonia for each type of ephemeral, semi-permanent or permanent color.

Accessories for barbers : Spearhead of grooming for men, Hairgum and the Ariland laboratory intend to revolutionize the art of taking care of oneself for men by developing a whole range of care and accessories for barbers. Between shaving soap and beard care oil, the products enchant with their capabilities. Shaving creams and aftershaves compete for softness and protective effect. Mustache wax smooths and tames any style. Shaving gels soothe the skin while beard shampoos provide shine and oils hydrate the face. Accessory packs for barbers of course combine blade and badger.

Cleaning products : Thanks to the research and development of the Ariland laboratory , Hairgum supports hairdressers and barbers with efficient and easy-to-use cleaning products. The cleaning products are available as disinfectants for razor blades in the form of economical sprays, wipes and lotions in large format.

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