Robustness, reliability and precision

Recognized worldwide for its catalog of professional materials, Haircut begins its history with a clipper which allows technical work and very high quality Robustness, reliability and precision represent the guiding principle of the Haircut brand Today and for 40 years, the brand has become a specialist in cutting equipment for hairdressers and barbers Products developed and thought out to meet the demands of the profession

Trends evolve quickly and customer desires keep pace! Difficult for hairdressers and barbers to know and to be able to adapt to the whims of the star Haircut understands that it's about giving them more possibilities Thus, he creates multi-faceted clippers, allowing professionals in the sector to ensure customer satisfaction: trimmer, trimmer, hair and beard trimmer All while maintaining the quality of each product to make in the face of international competition From the start, Haircut has stood out for the life of each of its cutting tools

Before choosing your trimmer, you have to think about what you are going to work with: the beard? the hair ? both ? Do you want to work on the finishes in more detail or use them for cutting? Each mower has its specificities and you have to choose the ones that suit you Choosing your mower is also a matter of practicality Cordless mowers are also an advantage not to be put aside Do you use the mower for personal or professional purposes? Be vigilant about his self-sufficiency If you have to plug it in regularly to recharge it, it will not be ideal for professional use

The different Haircut clippers allow you to obtain a cutting result worthy of large hairdressing salons TH34 and TH31 mowers are still very popular today with professionals in the sector Hairdressers and barbers trust their equipment and it makes all the difference! Haircut clippers do the job precisely The flexible and resistant blades of certain clippers and the solid and robust blades of others allow to open the doors of a larger world of hairdressing

Haircut thinks bigger

Encouraged by the recognition of customers, the Haircut brand is expanding its area of expertise and launching a new challenge: the manufacture of hairdressing scissors A real performance for lovers of the cut who quickly snatch these high quality professional scissors As with the clippers, Haircut is busy developing a line of scissors that meets all needs: right-handed scissors, left-handed scissors, sculpting scissors, thinning scissors Everything a professional hairdresser and beard needs is in the catalog Finally, Haircut also launches on the market of heating brushes, flat irons and curling irons

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