Générik is the troublemaker of hair care Created in 2004 by Bruno and Delphine Mocher, the brand intends to offer products for high quality professionals at "generic" prices, a small nod to the "monsters" of distribution and cosmetics Générik gives priority to the quality of care and shampoos It does not matter the content as long as the hair is beautiful and healthy To test and publicize its products to the general public and professionals, Générik has opened a showroom rue Taitbout in Paris to apply the adage: "Trying is to adopt"

The BBHAIR range consists of:

These products must answer 10 hair problems In a way, this range Générik is a real Swiss army knife for professionals These products treat, repair, maintain all the hair very effectively

Générik coloration
To meet the needs of professionals, the brand has designed 3 ranges with 72 shades to obtain perfect and lasting colorations Depending on the hair and the result, choose between:
- creams with ammonia
- creams without ammonia
- creams for wicks

Care for permanent and relaxers
To make perms and defrag lasting wavy or curly hair, the brand offers care kits Same goal, stay sober in the presentation and perform on the result

Générik shampoos and conditioners
Shampoos are the most used products by professionals For them, the brand has imagined packaging in 5 l tin Specific shampoos are sold in pump bottles that facilitate their installation just like masks or "biphase" products

Générik wants its concept to meet the requirements of consumers and professionals These ranges keep their promise without fussing for a win-win exchange well in the air

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