Gammapiù - Electric hairdressing equipment



A range of hair dryers at the cutting edge of the latest technologies

Three words could define the hairdressing equipment of the Italian brand Gammapiù : innovation, quality and style. With more than 30 years of expertise and research, the manufacturer imagines ever more efficient and complete hairdressing devices using all modern technologies. Hairdryers that are as stylish as they are efficient, to ergonomic and efficient clippers, Gammapiù designs explosive products. Each Gammapiù device is made in Italy and meets all European and international standards and certifications. Italian design is recognizable at first glance. The finishes and shapes of all hair dryers, clippers and other heated brushes are precisely defined to meet both ergonomic and aesthetic criteria.

Gammapiù hair dryers multiply the advantages:
- Compact,
- Lightweight,
- Colorful,
- E-Turbo Compressor technology system,
- Several levels of heat and air blower speed,
- Hook to be suspended,
- Resistant motor.

The ergonomic and efficient mowers from Gammapiù

Gammapiu mowers are not left out with technical peculiarities that make them part of high-end products:
- LCD screen,
- Different heights and cutting guides,
- High cutting speed with Turbo function,
- Ceramic head,
- Soft Soft Touch effect cuff for a better grip,
- Lithium battery quick to recharge,
- Docking station for food.

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