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Fashion Make Up

Fashion Make Up

A farandole of colors with Fashion Make Up

The Fashion Make Up make-up brand aims to make beauty accessible to everyone. For this, it offers a whole range of eye and complexion palettes at low prices. Express your personality with shades from the most pigmented to the most nude shades, for a sophisticated or rather natural look. Each Fashion Make Up makeup palette consists of several shades of eyeshadow or blusher with different effects. Create intensity by alternating matte shades and glitter/shimmer shades. Whatever your look, there is bound to be a Fashion Make Up palette that will accompany you everywhere.

Fashion Make Up Eyeshadow 

You won't know where to turn or which palette to choose as the colors are so beautiful! There are 3 ranges of Fashion Make Up palettes. Showcase pallets take us on a journey through the most beautiful cities in the world. Nude palettes are inspired by New York. They give warmth and softness to the eyes. Finally, the Dream Case eyeshadow palettes feature more pigmented, more intense shades. Enhance your look with style!

• 6 Show Case pallets: New York, Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco
• 6 Nude palettes: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Harlem, Queens, Soho and Bronx
• 10 Dream Case palettes: Lagoon, Copper, Purple, Gold, Black, Sand, Blue, Cashmere, Nude and Gray

A sublime complexion

The complexion is the most important part and one of the most difficult to work for a homogeneous and natural look. It is important to choose the right shades to obtain a light and elegant result. Once your concealer has been applied and your Fashion Make Up contour done, add a bit of color with the Blush My Life Fashion Make Up eyeshadows and add light with the Glow My Life highlighters.

• 3 Blush My Life blusher palettes: Peach, Roses and Rich
• 3 Glow My Life highlighter palettes: Gold, Dune and Light
• 1 contour palette
• 1 Concealer palette

Everywhere, for all occasions

Very easy to apply, create your own look with Fashion Make Up complexion and eye make-up. From the most classic palettes to the most extravagant palettes, dare to assert yourself. Choose from bold colors with refined, delicate, intense and inventive reflections. For an evening or for a light make-up during the day, the Fashion Make Up palettes adapt to all your desires. Slip it into your bag for a quick touch-up!

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