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Farm Skin

Farmaskin, superfoods for the skin

Fill up on vitamins and nutrients with Farmskin face, body & hair care. Concentrated in superfoods, these colorful products take care of you with biodegradable, natural, fresh and, of course, dermatologically tested formulas. Coming straight from Korea, this ultra pep's brand offers a whole assortment of fruity products for the skin: micellar water, mask for the face and for the hair or even cleansing wipes. Each superfood meets a specific need to perfect, revive and enrich the skin.

Farmaskin Fresh Food, vitamin care!

From the deep nutrition provided by avocado to the sweetness of honey, including the hydration of cucumber, choose the Fresh Food facial treatment that meets your needs! Take time for your skin with these pleasant and easy to use sheet masks. 15 to 20 minutes of application will allow these natural active ingredients to penetrate the skin for visibly effective results.

Avocado to smooth
Honey to strengthen
Cucumber to soothe
Blueberry to energize
Cranberry to plump up
The fig to purify
Mango to feed
Grapes to hydrate
Orange to refresh
The carrot to clean
Tomato to revitalize

Also discover the ultra-refreshing cleansing foams formulated with 95% ingredients of natural origin with orange, pomegranate, blueberry or apple. Do you have to remove your make-up? Fall for Farmskin Fresh Food cleansing and make-up remover wipes. Here too, the Korean brand is there for you with effective and moisturizing products. Are you more pomegranate, blueberry, orange or apple? Easy to carry and store, these wipes will become your best friends for perfectly clean and fragrant skin.

Super Food for skin, even richer care.

The super-food range is all the more concentrated in rich natural active ingredients. Super Food for Skin from Farmskin offers several types of products. Try (and adopt) DIY Mix It clay masks! Create your own mask with one of the three scented clays offered, a light bulb and a mixer. Farmaskin also offers avocado, tomato, coconut or beetroot wipes to cleanse and remove make-up from the face in one step. Revitalizing, they leave the skin perfectly clean and hydrated. You can also pamper your hair with super concentrated hand creams with collagen, ceramide and argan oil to leave the skin soft and scented with notes of blueberry, avocado, pink salt or mangosteen. On the hair side, discover traditional apple-grape and orange-banana hair masks or extra-nourishing sheet masks with blackberry and olive to perfectly penetrate the hair fiber and meet the needs of different hair types.

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