Elements is a brand of aesthetic care accessible to all It puts professional quality and efficiency within everyone's reach Simple and sober and immediately legible, the packaging immediately identifies face care or body care to lavish Written black on white, the verbs of these face or body care say the essentials: cleansing, cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, nourishing, modeling, remodeling, firming, sculpting Nothing more, because everything is centered on the quality of the product and the efficiency of the assets The Elements skincare range is extensive, ranging from make-up removers to exfoliating care, nourishing creams to modeling, toning gels to collagen masks For Elements body care, the program is the same, readable and effective, moisturizing creams with exfoliating care, firming marine mud with remodeling masks Compact, often in the form of sheets or patches to be applied directly to the face or body, these body and face treatments are easy to use and can be carried everywhere

The Elements face care range includes:
- leaves, masks, glasses and collagen lunules
- Cleansing gels, micellar waters and exfoliating care
- moisturizing creams and modeling creams
- alginate leaf masks
- anti-wrinkle serums and radiance bulbs

The Elements body care range includes:
- remodeling exothermic masks
- Exfoliating care with quartz particles
- firming creams with seaweed active ingredients and sweet almond oil
- firming marine mud with seaweed kelp and spirulina
- sculpting, slimming and smoothing gels with lipolytic active ingredients

Discover this range of aesthetic care that brings to the basics!

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