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Privileged partner of hairdressing salons in search of technical and innovative products, the Ducastel Pro brand relies on its own research and development laboratory in order to develop effective hair care. Its product lines revolve around targeted objectives.

Ducastel Pro hair care and products

Oxidizer :
At Ducastel Pro , the oxidant is available in all formats with 1 liter oxidant cans and 250 ml and 125 ml oxidant cream bottles. Each is offered in 10V, 20V, 30V or 40V oxidizer to meet all colorations.

Technical shampoo:
Shampoo also sees life in a big way with 5 liter or 1 liter cans. Each hairdressing professional can then create their own hair washing product by mixing one dose of Ducastel Pro technical shampoo with 10 doses of water.

Different formulations are available:

- Technical coconut shampoo
- Technical shampoo based on honeysuckle
- Technical shampoo based on sweet almond

Styling :
Ducastel Pro offers us a wide selection of styling products for the hair. Lacquer, dry shampoo, spray, mousse, cream, gel or even paste, there is no shortage of product formulas! Styling that will accompany you on a daily basis to fix your hairstyle, give volume or shine to your hair. Quality styling at affordable prices.

Permanent :
Ducastel Pro offers a series of products specially designed to better fix the curls of permed hair:
- N ° 0 avocado perm for difficult hair,
- N ° 1 avocado perm for normal hair,
- Permanent with avocado N ° 2 for slightly sensitized hair,
- Permanent with avocado N ° 3 for highly sensitized hair,
- Ready-to-use fixative,
- Fixative to be diluted.

Professional Shampoo:
In order to fully respect the hair and the scalp, Ducastel Pro designs specific shampoos for each hair problem:

- Professional regulating shampoo for frequent washing of hair with oily roots and dry ends,
- Professional anti-dandruff shampoo to relieve irritated scalp and remove dry or oily dandruff,
- Professional nourishing shampoo for dry and damaged hair,
- Professional shampoo for colored hair.

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