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Derm Acte

Derm Acte

Originally a Doctor and over 96 years of history

The story began in 1926 with Doctor Georges Gay who became director of the Académie Scientifique de Beauté and who, in 1936, formulated the first emulsion based on an active ingredient that revolutionized the world of cosmetics: collagen. It was then in 2009 that the house created Derm Acte, a brand that aims for efficiency and excellence. In 2018, the brand launched Professional Peels, with a unique formulation technology with breathtaking effectiveness, a new revolution in the cosmetics market.

Derm Acte: The encounter between two worlds: aesthetic medicine and cosmetics.

Derme Acte offers dermo-cosmetic treatments with powerful anti-aging properties. The brand develops each product around an active ingredient recognized for its high performance and from the medical world such as fragmented hyaluronic acid, the vitamins used in facial mesotherapy or the acids (BHA, AHA, etc.) contained in peels. . The main goal ? Obtain immediate and long-term results for your skin. Derm Acte products are also perfect for use as a relay treatment during aesthetic medical procedures.

The key words of Derm Acte are the alliance between optimal performance with clinical evidence and unparalleled sensoriality thanks to textures that are perfectly assimilated by the skin barrier. For this, the Derm Acte laboratories develop innovative technologies that make it possible to formulate sensory treatments combined with the effectiveness of aesthetic methods for greater performance, particularly for anti-aging.

A mark of trust

Derm Acte is a Made in France brand, with its factories near Paris. It has its own researchers and cosmetologists in order to develop, in-house, ever more innovative products and formulas. The brand has real know-how in terms of manufacturing and formulation to ensure optimal efficiency, quality and safety of their products.

Revolutionary technology

Derm Acte and its team of researchers have developed an innovative cosmetic process: Emulsion Technology (EMS) also called submicron encapsulation. This technology provides the product with a highly sensory texture while allowing the active ingredients to be better absorbed by the skin. It is always difficult to combine pleasure and efficiency, problem solved thanks to this technology. it promotes and accentuates the penetration of the active ingredients contained in the formula of the care and allows the skin to better assimilate them, and therefore to increase their performance.

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