Denman brush, an icon

Created more than 80 years ago, Denman is today an icon of hairdressing and especially of the hairbrush During a trip to New York, the young Irishman John Denman Dean discovers nylon and sees it as an incredible opportunity! Upon his return, he created the nylon hairbrush, a revolution!

The honors of the Queen!

In the 1960s, Denman became "the hairdresser's brush", perfect for creating technical cuts Bought by the Renay family in the 1970s, Denman continues to be the ally of professionals by working in close collaboration with them In 2019, the Powder Paddle brush reduces hair drying time An innovation that will earn them the honors of the Queen!

A question of alchemy

For Denman, the chemistry between the product and the hairdresser is essential Denman brings high-end equipment to professionals, and the professional brings Denman his know-how and creativity The Denman brand supports hairdressers in more than 60 countries around the world every day These famous brushes are used by thousands of hairdressers, barbers Today, Denman continues to improve its products and offer an ever wider range of hairbrushes

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