Crazy Color

Crazy Color

Crazy Color, the little story

The Crazy Color brand was born in 1977 in England Its appearance is linked to the Punk Rock movement of the 70s, during which anarchism and freedom of expression were at the forefront It was during this period that hairdresser Renato Brunas decided to push the limits of color even further until he developed a range of semi-permanent rainbow colors Today Crazy Color has 40 years of experience and has become a benchmark in temporary hair color and rainbow hair

Crazy Color, infinite and customizable colors

Crazy Color currently has 41 colors that can be mixed together, giving an infinite palette of colors No longer follow trendy colors, create your own color, one that matches your own style or change according to your desires! Let your creativity express itself with Crazy Color colors Did you find THE color for you? So preserve it with Crazy Color repigmenting skincare which will maintain your color and all its radiance!

Why choose Crazy Color?

First, choosing Crazy Color means having an infinite range of colors available Want to get noticed at an event this weekend? Nothing could be simpler with Crazy Color semi-permanent colorings Choosing semi-permanent colors also has its share of advantages:

- The possibility of instantly changing colors Yes, Crazy Color stains disappear as you shampoo, and if you want to completely remove your color, the Back to base sachets will allow you to easily find your natural color
- Less fragile hair Crazy Color dyes are semi-permanent direct dyes that do not require opening the scales of the hair, which significantly weaken the hair But beware ! If you practice bleaching (with the Crazy Color bleaching kit) before using Crazy Color dyes in order to have a stronger color intensity, your hair will be weakened by this manipulation so treat them with appropriate care

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