For a sublimated look thanks to successful eyelashes and eyebrows colorings, the Combinal brand stands out as a reference For more than half a century, her products have been used by professional makeup artists and beauty salons to beautify women's eyes Whether you're looking for a natural day-to-day effect or sophisticated make-up at an event, Combinal is deploying a range of solutions Many complete kits are available to you

Complete kits for perfect eyelash and eyebrow colorations
With the kits offered by Combinal , you can make the makeup of your eyelashes and eyebrows a snap Simple to use, these high quality beauty products have been designed to achieve flawless results

To gain depth in the eye, Combinal Eyelash and Eyebrow stains come in the form of dyes offered in easy-to-handle tubes Brush and bucket are attached in each makeup kit Protective foils curl the eyelashes to completely protect the skin from the eye area against stains during the application of the coloring Care creams protect and moisturize the epidermis of the eyelids

In addition to dyeing women's eyelashes and eyebrows in blue, black or brown, these dyes are also malignant solutions to conceal the arrival of the first white hairs on the face

With Combinal and its eyelash and eyebrow color, sublimate your eyes without delay!

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