CHI: professional expertise at the service of professionals

CHI Haircare is an American hair care brand created by professionals for professionals. Farouk Shami founded the Houston-based Farouk Systems company in 1986 to provide the beauty industry with quality products formulated with the most advanced and least toxic technologies.
Its motto: "education, environment, innovation".

CHI: committed to innovation

CHI makes sure to provide the beauty industry with the latest innovations in hair care and hairdressing equipment. Holder of 27 patents, Mr Shami is the first to have created colorations without ammonia. Known for having revolutionized the hair care industry thanks to NASA technology, CHI has established itself and become a true reference in hair products. Innovation is one of the brand's founding pillars.

CHI: the desire to offer a healthy environment

Farouk Shami, the founder, himself a hairdresser, has a mission to provide a safer and healthier environment for his fellow hairdressers and consumers. This desire goes through research and innovation in order to offer less toxic products, without aggressive chemicals. Treatments that meet all the needs of all hair types, with a range suitable for everyone.

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