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b.tan what is it?

b.tan is a line of vegan self-tanners. This range of self-tanners consists of different products that will allow you to choose the tan suited to your skin and your desires. But that's not all ! B.tan self-tanners go even further, and are paraben-free and Cruelty Free, meaning not all b.tan products are tested on animals. Want to wear a nice tan before the first rays of sun? So discover b.tan now!

B.tan products

b.tan offers you different products to match all skin tones and desires. For the most reluctant, self-tanning foams and tanning lotions will be the perfect compromise. The foams and the lotions will allow you to give a light tan to your skin while hydrating it. You also have the possibility to apply its foams and lotions with the b.tan tanning glove . His advantages ? A uniform application of self-tanners (no more unpleasant surprises), 100% clean hands (no risk of the self-tanner browning the inside of your hands), and an extremely soft glove that slides over the skin. skin you transform your moment of self-tanning application into a moment of softness and relaxation!
For those who want a more pronounced tan, the b.tan self-tanning foams and the tanning machine will seduce you every time! Foams available in 2 formats (200ml or 750ml), from chocolate brown to very dark brown through a dark brown and a purple base for a tan worthy of a long sunny vacation. The little extra, the b.tan tanning machine can be personalized with emoji stickers! In addition, this b.tan tanning machine can follow you everywhere to perfect or maintain your tan easily. Its 3m rotating cord and 8 spray levels will allow you to easily access all areas of your body and choose the intensity of the tan you want.

Why choose b.tan?

Choosing b.tan self-tanners means enjoying a nice tan all year round, even in winter! By using b.tan self-tanners you are sure to have a vegan formula (without any trace of elements of animal origin), and that the tests are not carried out on animals, here are 2 other good reasons to choose b.tan . We also think of people who have very sensitive skin to the sun (red-haired people in particular) and for whom tanning has become utopian. b.tan will allow all these people to wear a sublime tan with a totally natural effect!

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