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Silk protein at the heart of Biosilk

It was in 1986 that Farouk Shami created the Biosilk brand, honoring silk protein. After researching, he discovered that silk protein had 17 of the 19 animate acids that make up hair. This is how the range of hair care and styling products based on Biosilk silk protein was born.

For many centuries silk has been considered a luxurious fabric due to its soft, smooth texture and shine. But silk is not just a luxury fabric, this material is also one of the most resistant in the world like steel. Based on these data, Farouk Shami studied this protein and decided to introduce it in his treatments in order to give shine, softness and strength to the hair.
Thanks to the silk therapy offered by Biosilk, the hair is shinier, softer, less split and stronger. Biosilk is the pioneer in the use of natural silk protein in hair care and styling.

Biosilk, a complete brand

The American brand Biosilk offers ranges of hair care and styling products formulated from silk protein, for all hair types and for all hair needs.
Discover all the professional Biosilk hair care and styling products formulated from silk protein, and choose the care adapted to your hair:

  • Silk Therapy : this is Biosilk's emblematic range. Silk Therapy hair care, formulated with silk protein, is suitable for all hair types. These treatments make it possible to give shine, softness and to strengthen the hair from roots to ends. Within the Silk Therapy range, you will find the essential Silk Therapy 17 Miracle leave-in care, as well as coconut oil-based treatments that will deeply hydrate your hair.

  • Hydrating Therapy : this is a hydrating hair care range. Hydrating Therapy has been specially designed for dry to very dry hair. You will find treatments formulated from silk protein, maracuja oil and quinoa for intense hydration of the hair.

  • Color Therapy : maintain your color or blonde with this range of Biosilk treatments. These treatments are formulated from silk protein, rooibos, currant and bamboo extracts and the Vibra Riche® complex, a patented blend of ingredients specially chosen to maintain color.

  • Volumizing Therapy : this range, designed for fine hair without volume, is enriched with silk protein for shine and softness, rice protein and Hair Volume Complex which is a botanical formula infused with ginseng and nettles for restore volume from roots to ends.

  • Biosilk styling : bring shine and softness while bringing any style to life with Biosilk styling. Find essential styling products (hairsprays, gels, brilliants), but also specific styling products dedicated to particular needs (moisturizing mousse, volumizing powder, etc.)

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