Berdoues perfumes

Maison Berdoues , founded in 1902 in Toulouse, enjoyed resounding success in France and internationally with its first violet fragrance. Since then, the family business of perfumers has continued to grow.
Between the perfumes of great vintages and unique and mythical colognes, the fragrances are multiplying. The scented waters become real face and body treatments. If eau de Cologne remains the flagship product of Maison Berdoues , the range of fragrances is so wide that it is aimed at both women and men!

Eau de Cologne 1902 Berdoues : Tradition 1902 Collection.
Maison Berdoues offers its cologne in a 245 ml or 480 ml bottle or in a 125 ml spray bottle. Eau de Cologne made from essential oils is revealed through the Tradition 1902 collection, around fragrances as diverse as they are intense:

- Violet ,
- Lavender ,
- Tonic ,
- Natural ,
- Green ginger ,
- Mandarin and Leather ,
- Verbena Yusu ,
- White Fig ,
- White tea ,
- Indigo bergamot ,
- Amber wood ,
- Citron ,
- White cedar ,
- Grapefruit ,
- Green tea ,
- Vetiver .

Berdoues colognes are made in France 

Face and body care: 1000 Flowers collection with essential oils. These face and body treatments are formulated from ingredients of natural origin up to 98%.

Maison Berdoues is also developing a series of face and body treatments under the 1000 Fleurs collection:

- Scented waters that soothe and relax the skin,
- colognes that can be used as hair lotions,
- Shower gels,
- Scrubs,
- Body milks,
- Soaps,
- Washing gels for the hands,
- Hand creams.

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