Beauty Nails

Beauty Nails

Beautynails is the nail beauty specialist An expert in nail prosthetics, the brand trains professional nail designers around the world and designs high-quality nail-art products Beautynails offers both classic varnishes and semi-permanent varnish in all its colors It also develops a wide range of materials and accessories for perfect manicures

Varnish and semi permanent Beautynails
This brand is dedicated exclusively to the beauty of the nail To enhance it, it creates a wide range of nail polish
- Classic varnishes offer a wide range of colors, from traditional tones to more fashion The varnish is each time resistant and brilliant
- The semi-permanent nail polish sums up all the expertise of the brand Its different versions exist in a multitude of impressive hues Their unique texture and One Stroke brush allow easy and quick application at one time Their reinforced pigments guarantee a very long lasting hold

Nail and nail-art care Beautynails
To pamper the nails themselves, the brand also offers quality products to treat nails and magnify the nail-art
- Nail protecting care includes bases as well as hardeners, emollients or oils for nails and cuticles
- The Nail Art range develops acrylic liner polish to which are added powders effect rhinestones and sequins

Beautynails materials and accessories
To simplify and perfect nail care, Beautynails accompanies its classic and semi-permanent varnishes with different materials and accessories:
- buckets to dissolve the semi-permanent varnish,
- solvents without acetone to quickly remove the classic varnishes,
solutions for dissolving false nails,
- degreasers specially designed for semi-permanent varnish,
- finishing liquids,
- soft nail files,
- material to repel cuticles

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